Monday, September 17, 2007

I like Surfing

..Surfing the 'net that is. I was reading MSN's recap crap about last night's Emmy Awards. And one of their things is pictures of the stars on the red carpet. Now then, these aren't nearly as fun as the "undressed" part which I'm sure they'll do in about a week. But still...I found these a little odd...

Okay...Is her dress SUPPOSED to do that? or is this a "Gosh, I don't want to get in trouble like Janet did at the Superbowl, I better wear a sparkly bra just to be on the safe side" thing?

I can only assume that Hayden is trying to sneak fellow "Heroes" star, James Kyson Lee (Ando), into the auditorium under her massive dress as it appears Kristin Bell (better known as Veronica Mars) has taken his place by Hiro's side. (or maybe it's just because as soon as her show went down the drain, she signed on to do a few epi's of Heroes...word is her character is similar to Mr. Bennet's--as in you don't know if she's good or bad until the end of the season). [Aside] Also, last night one of the presenters was Joe Mantegna (who?), and he was introduced as the 'star of Criminal Minds'. This rightfully freaked me out because we all know that this Joe Mantegna person is decidedly NOT on Criminal Minds. So a search on TWoP was in order and apparently Mandy Patinkin quit the show. QUIT! DAMMIT! [/Aside]

Pictures taken from MSN credit goes to the AP for Paula's picture and to for Hayden's.

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Ross said...

Oh, that's no way to learn about the star leaving a show, and Joe Mantegna is no Mandy Patinkin, I'm sad to say. Did you guys ever watch Dead Like Me? If not, and you still want a Mandy Patinkin fix, it might be a good choice.