Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh my God...

We just put a hold on a 2008 Honda Fit (Vivid Blue Sport 5-speed manual). Should be arriving the first or second week in October. Happy Birthday to Us!

Not mine, but close!

We drove it around the neighborhood by the dealership and I drove around in the bowling alley parking lot a bunch (problem of course with this is that I never got out of 2nd gear...but I guess if you can switch into one gear you can switch into them all). The salesguy was the one that suggested the parking lot--though he did concur with Shawn that if I can get the car going without stalling out, then I can drive it, but it's more that I just don't trust myself in traffic.

When we got back to the dealership we played around with the seats a bunch. I swear you could do all the configurations using just one hand if need be. Which I pointed out would be super handy if you were carrying something you didn't want to put a kid (hey man, if they don't have leashes attached to them, what's to prevent them from running out into traffic?).

The shifting is very nice and very smooth, and driving it is completely different than driving Shawn's I couldn't find the point where you're stepping on the clutch and the gas and the car is resting, just about to go (handy for stopping on those hills and whatnot). But I'm sure it's because I can hear it when I'm in the truck (yay for diesels!), but I couldn't hear it in the Fit...but at the same time, the Fit has a tachometer and the truck doesn't. And I would shift faithfully when it hit 2500 rpms. Shawn was pushing it further than that...he claims I drive like a grandma. Whatever, I'll get better gas mileage, ass.

One of the nicest things about the Fit is that since it doesn't come with a bunch of options there's not a whole lot for the salesguy to try to sell you. Thus they don't seem to try. The only thing he did try to sell us on was financing, but Shawn held firm and said we were going to go through Capital One because it was a better deal. The dealer could offer financing in the 'low 6% range', but Shawn already knew he could get 5.99% from CapOne, so we told the guy we'd get our own financing.

Overall, I'm pleased with our car shopping experience and I highly recommend Al at First Texas Honda.

Also, I saw Steve Sun there...but I didn't get to talk to him. It was funny, we were just coming back from our test drive, and I noticed him standing next to my car (that is, between his car and my car) and looking around like he was looking for someone. Shawn asked if it was possible that he was looking for me since he'd look at the car, then look at all the people walking by, walk a little ways away, look at the license plate, look around at the people, rinse, repeat. I said it was possible, but I didn't know how many people at work really knew my car (which, isn't necessarily true because I know a bunch of people know what my car is--and how many green saturns with a license plate that starts with 666 can there be?). By the time we had parked the Fit and played with all the seats, though, Steve was gone.


Jon said...

What, no Mini? Oh well, better to have a Fit in traffic, than to be Mini Me, I suppose.

Ross said...

Glad you got the new car reserved, but sad that you're going to lose your 666 license plate! I can only hope your new plate has another amusing combination of letters and numbers :)