Friday, September 21, 2007

Google searches that resulted in people visiting my blog

That's right...I got a sitemeter counter...which isn't all that spectacular. BUT. It does tell me when people visit my site because of a Google Search Engine hit.

So, here are the most recent search strings:
1. fat ones skinny ones
-This returned my picture of the snake I saw last year while doing creek inspections.

2. biggest sac in the wac
-This returned my transcribed e-mail conversation with Dana

3. bladder infection call in sick
-This returns my fear of doctor's offices. Also, what the hell are the Canadians doing, what type of crazy ass string of words is this? I think I'm going to Google "Cat pop-sickle stick" and see what comes back.
By the way, "Cat pop-sickle stick" returns this.

4. Zenni Optical Review
Okay, I don't think I wrote a review, just that I got glasses from them. So, here's a mini-review: I like them, they're cheap, and they're what you would expect. My only complaint was that they said they would email me when they shipped the glasses, and they never did. So, it ended up being a nice surprise when my glasses did arrive. They do give you a hard glasses case with lens cloth for each pair of glasses. So now, I have lens cloths out the wazoo. So, would I recommend them? Absolutely. I will have to remember to write an ACTUAL blog about this with pictures to facilitate this.

5. Baby Yam
-HAHAHAHA, someone in Singapore actually Googled "Baby Yam". This search apparently gives you recipes on how to make baby food yourself.

6. bedframe "two and a half men"
-At first I was like "uhhhh..." but I now figure that it's more like someone was watching the show and saw a bed frame they liked so they tried to figure out where they could get it. Also, I cannot find anywhere on that page that links to my blog. Google screwed up. How's your Algorithm now?

7. Katina Butler
- User located in Parker, Colorado...Um...yeah. Thanks Dad.

8. The Ambitious Mrs.
-The funny thing about this one is that the searcher apparently didn't bother to look in my blog links...otherwise they would have seen that I link to her blog (there was no outclick--which usually means the browser was just closed, I think). Oddly, I think this was her mom and/or dad...

9. Spreng Bling Bling
-Once again, I can't see where my page is linked (see #6)...but once again, I do link to this blog on my Links list to the right. The searcher didn't see that apparently as their out-page was a comment page...which doesn't mean they didn't see the link AFTER going to the comment page, but still, I like to pretend the interwebs isn't very bright sometimes.

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