Thursday, May 08, 2008

Farm to Work, Round 2

So, I guess I should finish explaining the different recipes we tried and how spectacularly we failed at using all the veggies.

Last time we did this (2 weeks ago), we ended up making the following things:
Spanish Rice (tomatoes and onion), with sauteed squash (Crookneck and zucchini)
Omelettes (onion)
Borscht (beets, half a cabbage, onion)
Frittata with Salad (Kale, romaine lettuce)
Stir Fry (broccoli, cauliflower, crookneck)
Breakfast Potatoes with fried egg (Potatoes, onion)
Refrigerator Pickles (cucumbers)
Oven Barbeque Chicken with Smashed Cauliflower (Cauliflower, potatoes, onion)

And we only threw away 1 crookneck, and half a cabbage.

[aside] Coworker Beachy's wife found a cake recipe that made use of shredded beet. It wasn't too bad actually...but I would say that I wouldn't tell people it had beet in it until AFTER they ate it. [/aside]

This week I went halvsies with one of my coworkers (who also found out that 20 lbs of fresh produce is a lot of produce to go through in 2 weeks). This week we got:
Cucumbers (lots of em) (split)
Zucchini (lots of em) (split)
3 crookneck squash (split, we got 1)
1 lb Okra (split)
1 lb Green Beans (mine)
1 head of Romaine Lettuce (Matt's)
1 small Cabbage (mine)
1/2 lb Blackberries (split)
2 bunches of Leeks (split)
8 potatoes (split)
2 tomatoes (split)
AND I managed to give away one of my zucchinis (so now I only have 1), and 2 of my cucumbers (so now I only have 3).

On the downside, I now need to figure out something to make that uses Leeks (Yes, I know, Leek and potato soup), cabbage, and Okra (actually, I think this is usually just eaten plain, or fried, the trick is just finding out how to do it).


Jon said...

Chop the okra into pieces approximately 1/2 inch thick. Put flour, salt and pepper (you'll just have to judge how much flour by how much okra you use, salt and pepper to taste) in a ziploc bag and throw the okra in. Shake, shake shake. Once it's coated, fry the okra in corn oil over a medium flame. When the breading is golden brown, the okra is done.

Jon said...

Oh, and yes, I'm from the South.

katina said...

Yes, Tennessee.

I was lamenting that I had Kale two weeks ago to one of my coworkers who is from Alabama, and she told me to make it like collard greens. I apparently gave her a funny look because she sighed and said "I forgot, you're a yankee."

Also, I would like to point out that NONE of my cookbooks have any recipes that use Kale, Collard Greens, or Okra. And some of my coworkers were extremely surprised that Shawn likes fried okra, you know, being from the north and all...

lon said...

Leaks eh. Get yourself some trout (with head and everything) and fry 'em up in a pan with real butter and leeks. Best enjoyed in the woods with an ice cold red neck beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon. MMMMMMMMM!