Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tornado, Tornahdo

After 3.5 years of living here, we finally had our first run in with really bad weather. And we still got off light.

On Wednesday night, there was a confirmed funnel cloud spotted at Lago Vista (about 10 miles west of us), and a possible funnel cloud at 183 and 620 (less than 2 miles from us). So we had fun sitting on the floor of our bathroom waiting out the storm. But we didn't have any hail, or wind...which, is a little odd if there were funnel clouds all about.

We had no damage to plants, trees, or house. The only damage is that IV must think we absolutely hate her for us to put her in the same room as Quazi for 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, some of my friends weren't so lucky--one of them had broken windows at her house (because of the golf ball sized hail), and dents in her car. One of Shawn's friends had broken home and car yes, we will count our blessings.

Now then, everyone go out and buy a NOAA all hazards radio. Especially if you live in Texas.

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