Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update in regards to Saving the World

After I posted the picture of our living room fan lights, the third light went out. As promised, we went to the store and got some more CFL lights for both the kitchen and the living room. Let the record show that I suggested getting two packs of the fan lights because I figured the last light would go out soon. Instead, Shawn opted to get the one pack and said we'd "make another trip to the store for the second pack when last light burns out."

So we come home, and install all the lights. Shawn turns on the lights in the living room. :::FLASH::: And that is when the last incandescent burns out.

That, kids, is called Irony.

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Ross said...

I think it's still $10 for 8 of the 14W variety at Costco, pretty sweet deal.