Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saving the Planet

Our laziness will save the planet. True story.

This is a picture of our kitchen with the lights turned on:You'll notice that 3 of the 5 lights are burned out. And they've been like this for a while. We are too lazy to replace them. Oddly, all three burned out bulbs are of the new CFL variety. And the one incandescent that we still have in the kitchen is one of the two that is still working. We have not bought any incandescent lights since these specific style CFLs have come out.

Here is a picture of our living room:In this picture, you'll notice that 2 of the 4 lights are burned out. Shawn's waiting for one more to burn out before we go out and get the fan CFLs...he says it's because it would look funny with 2 incandescents and 2 CFLs. I know the real reason--it's because we're lazy.

But, the beauty about lights is that if they aren't working, they aren't pulling any energy. And that, ladies and gents, is how we're going to save our planet--by being lazy.


Anonymous said...
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Ross said...

Are any of those CFLs on a dimmer circuit? I found out the hard way that dimmer's kill CFLs in a hurry, even if not using the dimming function.

katina said...

No, none of them are.

Also, yes, putting non-dimming CFLs on a dimming circuit will kill them mighty quickly. We figure the reason why the ones in the kitchen went out so quick is because we will turn on the lights and then turn them off less than 15 minutes later, then come back within 15 minutes and turn them back on, and then back off. Apparently turning on and off lights within a 15 minute timeframe kills 'em pretty quick.

Dani said...

Yeah for laziness I knew there's a reason why I haven't replaced the three lights that burned out in the bathroom :)