Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So, we were watching the aforementioned movie this morning and we're at the part where Toula's dad sprays her fiance with Windex because he burned his hand on a plate. Shawn says,
"ha! just like my grandma!"
"What, your grandma sprayed people with Windex?"
"No, she thought every ailment could be solved with Listerine. Your finger hurts? Soak it in Listerine. Got a zit? Put some Listerine on it."
"Ok, so we've seen this movie like 3 times and you just now decided to share this with me?"
"well, I hadn't thought of it before..."
"Listerine's probably safer than Windex if you think about it... Windex probably has ammonia in it or something."
"And Listerine is just alcohol."
"yeah. Expensive alcohol."


Jon said...

My grandmother favored a kerosene-soaked rag. I kid you not, cuts, bug bites, whatever...wrap it in kerosene!

katina said...

Well, on the plus side, I'm sure it cured you of being a pyro.

Jon said...

On the contrary, I am like Johnny Flame from the Fantastic 4...