Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I figured I would log on to tell you all about the movies. The movies I have seen within the last few days and my thoughts on them.

Indy 4: I guess it was alright. Like most I expected it to sweep me off my feet. And it didn't. It just seemed so...Corny. Of course when I mentioned this to my husband, his response was "When was the last time you WATCHED Indiana Jones?" to which, honestly, it was probably about 15 years ago. So there you have it. 10-yr-old Katina would have loved Indy 4. 26-yr-old Katina? not so much. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't necessarily BAD per se, it's just more like I had my hopes up too high.

The Golden Compass: Oh sure the animation and CGI stuff is awesome, and the actors act well, and overall it was a great movie. Until the end. They ended the movie about 1 chapter from the end of the first book. So I guess the powers that be didn't want to end the movie on a instead they're going to start the next movie on a downer. whatever. it pissed me off.

Also, while I'm off bitching about things that piss me off about movies, I might as well move into things that piss me off about TV shows...

I refuse to watch "The Unit" ever again. The show pissed me off. This is very similar to the "Let's go pack the luggage!" scene in "The Shining" (the TV mini, not the movie)...So, the unit (special ops, of course) is driving through the desert being chased by the insurgents. #1: They stop in the middle of nowhere for no reason other than to talk to the people they have kidnapped and to offer them tea. When the insurgents get close, they once again take off racing through the desert. #2: When they get to the supply base, the supply base ROTC types chase off the insurgents. The special ops unit then gets out of the vehicles and walk the rest of the way to the base and LEAVE THEIR SNIPPER RIFFLES IN THE JEEP. The best part? The part where Dennis Haysbert tells the Sergeant to radio his troops to come back because they need all the people they can get to defend this supply base during the night. AND HE DOESN'T APPARENTLY THINK THAT THE AFOREMENTIONED SNIPPER RIFFLES WILL COME IN HANDY. At least, this is all that can be ascertained by the fact that he does not immediately send people out to the jeep to get the riffles, and instead waits for the insurgents to get close with the 50-cal gun before sending some of the lackeys off to the jeep, while being shot at the whole time, to get the riffles.

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Ross said...

Just wanted to pipe in on Indy 4, it was decent, try to turn off the brain. Being able to do all sorts of crazy computer effects did not do the series any good.