Friday, March 29, 2013

Cook Club: Week 12

With my parents being in town this weekend, we didn't have time to make a new recipe (full disclosure:  Last weekend we didn't actually make anything, so we made the pecan praline biscuits this last Friday, and attempting 2 new recipes in one weekend didn't seem practical).  Instead we opted to try a new eatery (two really...).

On Saturday, for lunch, we ate at The Noble Pig.  TNP is a sandwich shop that specializes in all things charcuterie.  It is also is about half a mile from our house.  I had the PBLT (Pork Belly instead of Bacon) and Shawn had The Noble Pig (ham, pulled pork, cheese and bacon).  Both sandwiches were really good and we'd gladly eat at the shop again.  Shawn even ate some of their pickles that they give with each meal (not that he liked them, but he tried them).  The place, however, is popular.  Line out the door popular...So on the same level as Hopdoddy, Amy's Ice Cream, and Homeslice pizza.

On Sunday morning, we took my parents out to Jack Allen's Kitchen for Brunch to celebrate their birthdays.  It doesn't hurt that the food is delicious and it's all you can eat for $15.99.  This is another insanely popular restaurant, and there was a LONG line when we arrived at 10:05 am.  We managed to make it into the first seating though, so it was all good. 

Not that it really counts, but we also ate at Cipollina earlier in the week with my parents as well.  Cipollina changes their menu frequently (it's dependent on what's in season), so if you don't see anything on the menu you like, just check back the following week.  Cipollina has some absolutely delicious food though - I had the pre fixe meal.  It included caprese salad (which I gave to my mom), fried chicken with brussel sprouts, and a mini creme brule.  And I cleaned my plate. 

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Bond said...

My first and only visit to Jack Allen's Kitchen was while doing field work. I had forgotten field pants so I was wearing a t-shirt, steel toe boots and soccer shorts (which I had worn biking in). My two co-workers were wearing jeans and polos. I felt way out of place, but I do recall eating every bit of my very expensive lunch and loving it (something with roasted poblanos).

The Noble Pig sounds awesome. I love pork. How anyone can abstain from pork is beyond me. I still remember seeing a show on tv in which a guy was a hard core vegan except for bacon. I know most vegans would shun him, but I thought it was awesome. Pork is a gift from heaven above and any religion or person that tells us otherwise is just trying to keep it for themselves.lo