Monday, March 11, 2013

Cook Club: Week 7

The weekend after the party, my grandparents were in town, so naturally there was no cooking going on.  We actually had gone up to Sun City (in Georgetown) to go see the lot that my parents bought.  Yes, that's right - my parents will be moving down here in August.

After looking at the Sun City model homes, checking out the lot where the house will be built and visiting with Shawn's parents (who also live in Sun City), we headed to a restaurant in downtown Georgetown - the Wildfire.

I had the Chicken and Dumplings - and it was pretty darn good (not as good as mine, mind you, but good).  I don't remember what Shawn had, but he really liked it, too.

If you plan to go to the Wildfire, be aware that the lunch prices are about half of what the dinner prices are.

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