Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cook Club: Week 8

For the first time, Shawn opted to cook the new item instead of me.  All this because he decided that the pork tenderloin I was going to make was going to take too long and instead opted to make grilled chicken wings with the new wing sauce from HEB.

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking - grilled chicken with pre-made wing sauce isn't exactly a 'recipe'.  But sometimes you just gotta eat something that's new and easy and doesn't require any thought.  Well, except for the part where you transfer the wings from the grill to the plate.  Shawn dropped one.  We left it for the wildlife.  We're not sure what animal got the wing, but I'm sure it was a happy animal.

I had the Spicy Barbeque wing sauce and I really liked it, even if it was a little weak.  Shawn had the Mango Habanero sauce and said that he didn't really care for it - it needed to be spicier.  But what does he know - he's always saying things aren't spicy enough.  That's why we make hot sauce from the Naga Jolokia peppers.

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Bond said...

You probably gave some possum indigestion. If you guys ever come out here I know a few Asian places that have some SPICY food. And it is good spice too (the kind with flavor and heat that only burns when you are eating and not 15 minutes after you are done). And now hot wings sound really good (with celery and ranch).