Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cook Club: Week 6

As Bond rightfully pointed out - I've been slacking.  Of course, I have been writing more on my other blog, and I've been working on the COA PE Trail Dogs Facebook page.

While my blogging may be lacking, we have been making new recipes (or eating at new restaurants) every week.

So - Week 6 was French Onion Soup weekend and instead of making beignets, I made pralines.

They were simple to make, not all that time consuming, and tasted pretty good.  I used the Emeril Lagasse recipe.  The pralines melt in your mouth, but I would prefer something a bit more caramelly.  Of course, I also think I'll be making these again soon since I have all the ingredients.  I also will try to roast the pecans first to see if that adds more depth to the flavor of the pralines.

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