Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm a lobster back

We went hiking on Saturday. I forgot to put on sunblock before leaving. In fact, I didn't even think about sunblock until after we got there. Now, I'm a lobster back...I've even got nice little lines where my bra straps were. Fun. However, hiking around in McKinney Falls State Park was fun. Though, because of Fecal Contamination and/or High Water and/or Excessive Turbidity, we were unable to cross Onion Creek to go see the Grist Mill. For comparison purposes: We were at the area shown below (from the State Park Website). We couldn't go out to those rocks because there was water flowing over them at a VERY fast rate. But, we did watch a big ball go round and round from behind the falls to in front of the falls then back around to the back of the falls for about 10 minutes. What can I say? We're easily amused.

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Anonymous said...

wow do you remember the time we took a walk and you had to talk to the cows for like hours. and when we got back I was a lobster.... totally had a flash back reading this.