Friday, June 15, 2007

On Monday

I have to be at work at 730 in the morning*. THE MORNING! 730 is when I get out of bed normally, that's not a normal working time! how do people do that?!?!?

This is what 7:30 am looks like:

*Do not be fooled. I do not HAVE to go to the thing--it's just that I want to make sure that everything is going smoothly at the training...mostly because if it doesn't, then I'll be the one getting blamed**. Even though the computers have been around longer than the entirety of Survivor, and over half of them don't work (at all), and it's at the freaking Police Academy, where there are fire drills, and sirens, and live gun fire, I will still get blamed if it isn't a good training. Yeah, this should be great.

What I wanted to do to the computers:

**Yes, I was put in charge of planning a training that I am not going to be attending...which of course, just makes me a bitter old woman because I don't CARE how the training turns out, but then I realize that I DO care, if not only because if it goes poorly, then I will be in the proverbial dog house with my supervisor. Also, we have a person that we hired specifically for "event planning", thus I don't know why I was ever put in charge in the first place.

What? just because I'll be in the dog house doesn't mean that it can't look awesome:

Disclaimer: Don't listen to me. I just feel like being whiny tonight for some reason. It's probably because I'm hungry.


Professional Rock Skipper said...

7:30,??? some people are at work for 2 hours already at 7:30, must be nice

katina said...

Ha, Yes, I know--one of my coworkers comes into work at 6:45 so he can leave early--and He'd come in earlier if they would let him...however, I am not a morning person, and I have a job in which they need people at the office between 8 am and 6 pm, and seeing as how most of my coworkers prefer to work 8-5 (or thereabouts) I am more than happy to take the later shift.

Anonymous said...

blah I have to be at work at 7:30 every day!!! You're just spoiled :P

Jon said...

I leave the house on the bike at 5:55 every morning. But, I am a morning person and I love it. You puny mortal...