Sunday, June 10, 2007


Okay, so Shawn and I went to see Pirates 3 yesterday. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. I actually almost liked it as much as the first installment. Yes it was long, and it could have been shorter, but it was at least entertaining (to me anyhow). But then, maybe I only really liked it because once again, I had heard it was only 'meh' so i expected it to be 'meh' and it ended up being 'really pretty darn good.' Also, any movie in which i'm thinking about it the day after i've seen it, means it, at the very least, stood out to me (hell, i was having 'nightmares' about 28 days later for like a week). Mom, Dani: Take note. I want the trilogy for my birthday/Xmas. The one thing I thought when the movie ended however was "God, just end the series already!" Because, the directors/writers/producers, in their infinite wisdom, totally left themselves an out for if they want to do another one. I mean, it was like the first movie--where it ended, you didn't expect it to have a sequel, but while walking out you said "you know, if they came out with a sequel, i'd see it." and that's exactly how i felt about this movie. (as an aside, at the end of the second movie all I really felt was "shit, now I have to see the next one." and it wasn't necessarily a good's kinda like the Species trilogy--I watched the first 2, and so, when the 3rd one came out I was like "goddammit! they're going to make me watch the 3rd one aren't they?")

However, I think i'm going to be disappointed by Ocean's 13. Mostly because everyone says it's good, so now I'll get my hopes up. Only to have them dashed later. bah.

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I love your logic on movies... because its mine too.
love lots,