Sunday, June 24, 2007


Recent Updates:

1. I changed my blogger picture and the blurb about me. Because my mom said I had to change the picture to be one of me with short hair, and no glasses. This is only because otherwise the picture didn't look like "me". Thanks, Mom.

2. Made the apple pie cheesecake thing and it's pretty freaking tasty.

3. The pants from JCrew and Old Navy arrived. They were both too big. The Old Navy one I can alter to fit better, but I had to send back the JCrew one for an exchange (damn). The worst part about it is that Dani and I went to the actual JCrew store to look at some dress she wanted, which is absolutely gorgeous and a size 4 in that fits fine. Go figure.

4. Dani's leaving today, in all, we did the InnerSpace Caverns, the Candle Factory, the Ikea, found some longhorns to take pictures of (at the Westinghouse building actually), made Pam's cheesecake, went to the natural gardener, when to Barton Square Mall, watched the Bats, looked at the loons on 6th street (which, by the way, there's a Leslie wannabe down there now. it was really sad...especially since the guy was wearing less than Leslie wears.), and we ate at Bess Bistro (no sightings of Sandra Bullock, and Shawn felt under-dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. Also, on their lunch menu they have BLTs!).

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Ross said...

Sounds like you all had a great time, glad everything worked out so well!