Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh Happy Day...and other stuff.

1. Pam, baking goddess extraordinaire, has agreed to write up her recipe for the delicious, delicious apple-pie-cheesecake. However, I have to wait a while for her to move into her new house and unpack and what have you and then remind her to figure out what it was that she did with the cheesecake.

2. Dani is coming to visit soon (WEEEEE!!!!!!) and I'm excited...In case you couldn't tell. Anyhow, I've been looking at things to do around town, and here's a list of things that I found:
a) BatCon
b) Innerspace Caverns (and Candle Factory)
c) Bob Bullock History Museum
d) Capital building
e) Hill Country Flyer
f) outlet mall in Round Rock (and Ikea)
g) outlet mall in San Marcos (and glass blowing factory)
h) Ghost Town Tour and/or 6th Street
i) SeaWorld in San Antonio and Alamo/Riverwalk
j) Bess Bistro (mom says we have to go there)
k) looking for a peach stand
l) Bull Creek park at Lakewood, and a drive down Spicewood Springs road (what? i'm a dork)
m) Department Picnic
n) 1st Chinese Bar-b-que
o) Zen restaurant (dad says we have to)
hmmm....did I leave anything out?

3. I have decided that Miss Sarah will have her baby on July 1. And Christina will have her baby on August 1 (or 2). This is because so far this year, everyone's babies have been born on the 1st or 2nd...which, really when you look at "everyone" I mean John's baby and Mrs. Poochie's baby.

4. I went walking for an hour today, and racked up a total of 5 miles over the entire day because I rule.

5. The bathroom is almost done. The vanity and sink are in. Now we just have to saw the edge of one drawer, shorten another and put everything back in place. Easy right?

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