Monday, June 25, 2007

Things that annoy me

There are things that annoy me. Like the fact that Washington Mutual has decided that WaMu is a much cooler and hipper name to go by. I assume the same thing happened with Charles Schwab and their slogan of "Just ask Chuck". But, back to WaMu. WTF mate? WaMu does not make me think of someone that I'd like to trust my money and retirement accounts to, WaMu makes me think of a seal/orca mutant hybrid animal thing. Incidentally, this animal, in my head, also talks. and he sounds like "ggaaaahhhhh.....FFFEEEEEDDDDDD WAMU!" kinda like that big gingerbread cookie man in Shrek (which was based on the marshmallow man in ghost busters wasn't he?)


Anonymous said...

lol you're funny

Ross said...

Dude, WaMu is like a seal/orca hybrid thing! They stole $75 they owed me and charged me taxes on it! I hate those guys, haven't heard a good thing about them, and their name is certainly doesn't help matters.

Courtney said...

I couldn't agree more. Sounds like a 3rd grader is running the show over there. WaMu actually makes me think of some new animal at the zoo. I suppose it's because it sounds like that even real?