Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All full circle-like

Behold, for I am pretending to be Amalah. I am drunk, and I post pictures of shoes.
I guess I should explain the drunk (god, it just took me a minute to type that): we had dinner last night. A dinner that required 1/2 cup of red wine. Which I dutifully added. I expected Rick to help drink the wine, and so I threw away the cork (oh right, I didn't live-blog about Rick. Well, Rick showed up last night to help eat Lamb Ragu and Bastardized Peach/Blueberry cake). Since Rick didn't help drink the wine (okay, he had like two tablespoons), it left me to drink almost a whole bottle of Chianti. Good Chianti, I tell you what. Anyhow, last night, since I was getting up and walking around so much I knew how much I had to drink. And that left half a bottle.

So I had the remainder tonight with my Blazing Thai Noodles. The difference being that I wasn't standing up and walking around, so I didn't know how drunk I was. Until I decided to take a picture of my new shoes.



bond said...

I like them!! Are you wearing them tomorrow?

Jon said...

Chianti, huh? Did you have Fava beans?

Lon said...

In the future, if you ever need help getting rid of "Lamb Ragu and Bastardized Peach/Blueberry cake", I will not leave you hanging on the vino. That is of course if Daniella is driving.