Saturday, November 01, 2008

Open Wounds

Tonight Shawn and I were sitting on the couch watching our TV shows (I want to say it was Criminal Minds) when Quazi jumps on the couch and starts snuggling with me.

This normally doesn't happen (Quaz isn't much of a snuggler), so when it does, we capitalize on it. So I'm petting him all over and scratching his neck and everything when I notice there's some matted fur on his upper right shoulder area. As I try to figure out what it is, it started falling apart and then I noticed the cat had a bald spot. And in that bald spot is a red puncture wound. It isn't infected, and it isn't bothering him, and it explains why he's smelled like ass the last coupld of days.

We cleaned it up and then started discussing when it would have happened since he hasn't been outside most of the week. That's when we realized it probably happened when he lost his collar last Saturday. It also explains why he has been sleeping more than normal and being more snuggly.

Stupid cat needs to seriously stop picking fights with other cats. Those collars and tags cost like $12 every time he loses one.

On a side note, because Quazi was getting so much attention, IV freaked out and attacked Shawn's foot. Yeah, she's got misplaced agression issues. I just find it funny how quickly Ivsie can go from being a lubby-dubby Iver wivers to a horrible she-bitch that is growling and hissing and attacking anything that comes within a foot of her.

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