Friday, November 21, 2008


So, this video is a little disturbing.**

**Fair warning, the video is an interview that Governor Palin did recently in Alaska. It is an interview done right after she pardoned a turkey from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. The backdrop chosen for the interview shows a guy killing 2 turkeys. On camera.

It gets really disturbing when you get to the part at the 2:35 mark and Palin says "I was happy to participate in need some levity in this job." And again at the 3:02 mark: "Certainly will probably invite criticism for this too, but at least this is fun."

Not to say that you can't take joy in your meat being killed for you while you wait, but you probably shouldn't say it on camera.


bond said...

From the intro of the news guy, I thought it was going to be horrible! He was bit overdramatic. Even if they hadn't blurred it out, it was pretty low-key.

I can't say I'd choose it as my backdrop for a news conference! Surely there were some pretty trees or something nearby. I guess they were keeping it real!

Jon said...

Man, that woman just makes a cold chill go down my spine.