Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Extended Family

Today, when I got home, I went to get the mail. A pretty normal occurrence, I must admit. On top of the mail in the mailbox there was a blue envelope.

I pulled it out and looked at the return address.

It said Cherie and Mike.

And I thought, "Who the heck are Cherie and Mike? I don't know any Cherie and Mike."

I looked at the town, and state and thought, "Well, that's where Shawn's aunt and uncle live. But who are these Cherie and Mike characters?"

This went on for the walk from the mailbox to the kitchen.

Then it dawned on me..

Cherie and Mike. Cherie as in Shawn's cousin. Who's getting married to Mike in July of next year. DUH.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Well, you "have" been sick. That's the excuse I'd go with, anyway.