Monday, November 03, 2008

Because I'm a Total Band Geek

Today, while reading about Iron Chef America, and subsequently learning about the Iron Chefs, I learned that Mario Batali and Vic Firth worked together to create a line of Pepper Mills, Salt Grinders, and Wooden Rolling Pins.

Well, now I know what I'm getting Shawn for Christmas.


The Spiteful Chef said...

Whatwhatwhaaaaat? Where is this stuff located? Is it tougher looking than the regular versions?

katina said...

I KNOW! right? I think we saw some of the pepper mills at a cooking store in Boulder called "The Peppercorn". At the time I think we looked at it and were like "Vic Firth as in THE Vic Firth. That's just too weird to contemplate" and so we put the mill back and continued on our way. I don't remember anything special about them, but I think you can find pictures of them online.

Dani said...

heehee love the title of this one.