Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Writer's Block

I'm sorry, I really must apologize for the crappy posts. I guess my heart isn't into NaBloPoMo like it was last year.

So, let's see what's in the news today:
-Obama is the new president
-80 billionty articles about how he won it and how McCain lost it. The election, not his marbles...though he is getting up there in years, maybe he ought be concerned about losing (sorry, the old geezers prefer I call it "misplacing") things.
-Michael Crichton died
-A lady ran a mile with a rabid fox attached to her arm, and then drove herself (and I assume the fox as well) to the hospital so she could get rabies treatment. This is why I don't jog. (also I just checked the BBC, this made world news)
-Duct tape was used to restrain an unruly passenger on an airline flight. It really CAN be used for everything.
-And finally, Ladies have more bacteria on their hands. I suddenly feel the need to go wash my hands.

In other news, after my post last night (or rather early this morning) I had to fashion an E-collar for Quazi. As mentioned earlier, the cat got in a fight and had a puncture wound, which was healing quite nicely. Apparently it reached the "itchy" stage of the healing process and the cat managed to lick the surrounding area bald in 24 hours. And he wouldn't stop licking. Because it started making the wound look abscessy, we decided we had to get him to stop licking, but couldn't think of how to make an E-collar with a sock, some string, half a coconut (ha, yeah right), a piece of cardboard and a collar. I ended up taking the sock and cutting the toe of off it (so now it's a sock-tube) and then strung the normal collar through that and then put it on the cat. HA! McGyver's got NOTHING on me!) Now he's got a sock bib, which occasionally gets turned around so it looks like a sock cape. But, the point is, it works. Except that he keeps drinking water and getting the sock all wet. Good thing we've got like 60 billion socks that have holes in the heels or toes.

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Ross said...

Come on, we need Quazi pictures!