Friday, July 20, 2007

Breed Bans

So, I read C-Bone's blog today. and it kinda made me sad. I mean, I KNOW there are a lot of people that want breed specific bans on dogs. But it still makes me sad.

At one point in his blog, he mentions the whole "seeing some 100-lb woman walk around with a 'death' dog that she can't control because she doesn't have enough strength to do so" thing. Which...sure, but at the same time, it sounds like he really should be advocating dog SIZE bans. Any dog that weighs 60 lbs or more is going to be able to drag a 100-lb person wherever it wants to go. Just because it can. And any dog can bite, maul, or kill.

(Disclaimer: Yes I realize this is a pro-pit bull site; I'm using it, however, to prove that all dogs bite--NOT that pit bulls don't bite.)

(Other Disclaimer: I play devil's advocate--I don't want a pit bull, or even a pit-bull looking dog. This has nothing to do with the breed's reputation, or personality but with the fact that I think the dogs are ugly. That's not to say that I wouldn't get a pit bull mix--but it would have to be cuter. And generally, 'cuter' means 'more hound like face' less boxy head, more elongated snout.)

However, I do advocate people being given a test before they get a dog to see what type of dog they're qualified to own (currently there are tests used to make sure that if you're a couch potato you don't get a dog that will require a 3 mile jog daily). And I do advocate bite rules and vicious dog laws. But a over-all breed ban? not so much. And as I've said before, get yer damn pets fixed!

This is very similar to the Columbine thing--Was it the music, the clothes or the individual? Me? I think it's the individual.

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