Sunday, July 01, 2007

Focus on the Family....Bleggggth

There are a vast majority of people who are obsessed with Focus on the Family. This, is fine. However, as an aside--Fuck you James Dobson, get out of politics! Okay, I feel better, and now I can commence with my blog.

After having seen movies, I will occasionally read the reviews on Focus on the Family's sister site, Plugged in Online. I actually know people who refuse to watch movies unless they are given the green light by Plugged In. And these people are adults. Adults who should be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, even if a movie glorifies what is wrong. I realize that the main thing was probably more of a "I don't want to give my money to a movie that is going to have things in it I fundamentally disagree with." In which case, you shouldn't go to the movies. Ever. Anyhow, I used to disagree with the Plugged In reviews a lot-but then they went and got all politic about things so they didn't just outright say "if you go to this movie you are supporting the devil" like they used to. So now, I gotta read the review in order to see if they think it's a bad movie or a good movie.

Anyhow, I've gone and digressed again. But, the point of this blog was that we went and saw "Knocked Up" and it was a funny movie (Crude, sure. Funny, absolutely). So, because of all the drug use and premarital sex, I figured that the review would be scathing. Which, I suppose it probably is. But my favorite part? where they mention that Debbie has admitted to having 3 red bulls in 15 minutes under the "drug and alcohol content". HAHAHHA, what would these people do if they knew there were "worse" energy drinks on the market?

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