Monday, July 02, 2007


So, since, generally, there isn't anything on Monday nights right now, Shawn has taken to watching the International Fight League. Which is perfectly's like wrestling, only people can seriously get hurt (well, okay, it seems the wrestlers get seriously hurt too, but it's usually after they've been forced into retirement). However, I love the names these people have--most the the nicknames are insane...and not in a good way...there's Chris Horodecki aka The Polish Hammer ( that like a wrench? I kid! I kid!), and Matt Horwich (which, I swear the first time they said his name they said Man Horwich...yeah....), then there's always The Predator, and The Experiment.

And the best part about all these guys? They have cauliflower ears...I swear...all of them.

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Jon said...

In this corner...the Grinder! I don't have cauliflower ears, but I do enjoy the occasional ear of corn.