Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter 7 (the book)

I loved the book. Yes, it could have moved quicker, but I really did like it. Though, unlike the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I was disappointed there isn't another one coming out. Alas, I'll just have to wait for the movies then. My biggest problem with the books is that so much happens in them that you really do have to read them a couple of times to catch everything, and who wants to read a 700+ page book a couple of times? Meh. Still, the books are well written and I love the characters, what more could I want? Also, I give it ten years before people start equating the books to the story of Jesus. You Narnia.

[Aside] I always did think that was funny...the bible thumpers loved Narnia which is a story about witchcraft and insane worlds that couldn't possibly exist where the animals talk and there are centaurs, but they hated Harry Potter which is a story about wizardry and insane worlds that couldn't possibly exist where the animals can talk (sometimes) and there are centaurs....hmm, i'm not really seeing the difference here...besides, and more importantly, they're both about good vs. evil, sacrificing for what's important, and learning about what really matters. [/Aside]

[Aside] Also, they need to do the epilogue at the very end of the how they finished all three Pirates movies--there's a definite end to the book, and the epilogue is just extra. Thus, i think it would be cool to have it at the end of the credits instead of just before the credits. [/Aside]

Anyhow, I would recommend reading this book. Unfortunately you'll have to read the other 6 first. (BTW, the third book is the best, in my opinion, and the 5th and 6th are probably my least favorite...but then, that's because they kinda moosh into one book for me).

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Anonymous said...

yeah the 3rd is my favorite than the 7th. differently not a fan of the 5th.