Monday, July 16, 2007

Hyperlink Happy

Hyper link #1: Ad report card for the Scion XD Sheeple. We saw this ad when we went to see Knocked Up at the theater. It's an interesting ad. I liked it, but by the end of it I felt bad for all the murdered Sheeple (Sheeplecide if you will). Ultimately I turned to Shawn and said "Did you like that ad?" "it was alright, the art was cool. Why do you ask?" "because you're obviously their target audience--male between 18 and 30." "well, if you're asking me if I wanted to buy a Scion based off that add, the answer is no. However, if I wanted to buy a Mini based off their Hammer and Coop ads, the answer is yes." (I suggest number 3 for all the Night Rider snark)

Hyper link #2: Slate's report about the fad of Crocs. Now then, I went to school in Boulder, the birthplace of the Crocs, and even then, they weren't all THAT popular amongst the college set...they seemed to be used more as lounge shoes than real shoes...similar to slippers, really. Kerstin was the first person I knew to wear Crocs as actual shoes, but that's alright Kerstin was one of those super artsy people--seriously, the girl could take some damn fine pictures. Plus, her house was awesome (it was an old barn that was converted into a house--the hot water lines ran under the cement floor and acted as a heater), and she had two Bouvier des Flandres dogs named Lucy and Linus. As an aside, she was a workout nut--if you Google her, you'll find that she does lots of biking and triathlons. Anyhow, back to my point. My point is, that in Boulder, the shoes weren't worn as shoes. They were much more popular elsewhere in the in Parker, where my in-laws have become converts to the Croc shoe...seriously, it really is almost a religion to them. MIL has like 4 different pairs of the shoes, and FIL has at least 2 pairs--one of which is the business croc. That's right, the business croc. You can call it what you want. As for me, I'll still call it ugly. Also, as the Slate article points out, the shoe itself isn't great for your feet because of minimal support--besides, I think I'd rather get a pair of Danskos.

Hyper link #3: A man was shot and killed at the Denver, Colorado capital. Apparently the crazy walked in and claimed he was the emperor and he was going to take over the state government. The fact that this happened didn't surprise me, the fact that it made the news on the BBC did.

Hyper link #4: Meanwhile, the biggest news in Austin is that the Lake is reopening. Well, that and the fact that the City Manager is fed up with people saying she's a nepotistic fool, so she's taking her toys and leaving (aka retiring).

ETA: Hyper link #5: I really like this Linux commercial. I mean, really. A lot.


Jon said...

So...Scions are designed by and marketed to mass-murderers who dismember citizens on the street? Can I get the J. Dahmer Celebrity Edition?

Ross said...

I just find it funny that these ads about non-conformity are put together by a division of the world's largest auto-manufacturer. Mass market individuality just seems like a non sequitur to me. The ad looks pretty cool, though the sheeplecide is rather disturbing. Oddly though it reminds me of that Simpsons Rear Window spoof "You have selected regicide. If you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press 1"