Saturday, July 28, 2007

TV Fall Lineup

It's time for the review of what's returning and what looks good...and conversely, what looks bad...oh so bad.

TheCW: The bastard child of the WB and UPN. They've gone downhill. They canceled Veronica Mars. BOOOO! but they are bringing back Beauty and the Geek in the 8pm time slot on Tuesdays. The only bad thing about this is that it makes such a wonderful Summer show...I don't know how it will hold up against shows like House and Dancing with the Stars .

Fox: Fox has been playing around with the Sunday night lineup for a while--back in the day it was the Simpsons, King of the Hill and some other shows. Last year it was Simpsons, random sitcom, The Family Guy, American Dad. This year King of the Hill is replacing the random sitcom.
Wednesdays at 7pm will be the airing of the new sitcom Back to You starring Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and Patricia Heaton (Deb from What About Raymond). The commercials airing on Fox make it watchable, but the extended commercial on the website doesn't. So, I don't know if we'll ever watch this...maybe.
Tuesdays brings the new show New Amsterdam at 7 and then House at 8. I don't know if we'll watch New Amsterdam. Though I almost want to watch the show, and Moonlight, and whatever the other one is that's the same premise and see which one is better. Somehow, I think all three will be canceled after 6 episodes, though.
Thursdays will have the new Gordon Ramsay show Kitchen Nightmares at 8. It looks like Fox is looking to capitalize on the viewership of Hell's Kitchen. Little do they realize that the whole reason for watching Hell's Kitchen is because nothing else is on Monday nights during the summer. Not so with Thursdays during the fall (Grey's Anatomy, The Office/Scrubs, CSI). We usually record CSI and The Office, so the only way we're going to see this show is if one of the aforementioned shows is a repeat.

ABC: The least watched network in this house. As in, the only time we watch it is when Girl's night is being hosted over here. As such, they are bringing back the Bachelor in the Monday at 9 timeslot (which just sucks for girl's night). They are also bringing back their big hits--Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, and Desperate Housewives. Lost will begin sometime mid season.

NBC: This used to be right up there with ABC for least watched Network in this house, but then Heroes happened. Now, we have Heroes night at our house...which does put a damper on girl's night as Heroes is on right before the Bachelor.
Mondays will kick off at 7pm with the new show Chuck, which we'll probably watch a few episodes, followed by Heroes, which is ultimately followed by Journeyman (this is one of the shows I was talking about with the whole time travel/living forever guess is we won't like it).
Tuesdays sees the return of The Biggest Loser as hosted by the chic that plays Sammi on Days of Our Lives. We won't watch it, but I bet my mom will.
Wednesdays will have the first airing of Deal or No Deal (at 7), and the Bionic Woman (at 8). The only reason to mention Bionic Woman is because Isiah Washington who was fired from Grey's Anatomy will be making some guest appearances...if that isn't an indication of how well that show will do, I don't know what is.
Thursdays brings back the winning line up of My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs and ER (dude, this show has been on FOREVER...when will it leave?!?!?!?).
Fridays will star the second airing of Deal or No Deal, and Friday Night Lights (which I think was only renewed by a hair).

CBS: This is by far the network we watch most.
Mondays will have the returning show How I Met Your Mother (Watch this show if you haven't done so already!), the new show Big Bang, and then Two and a Half Men, the Rules of Engagement and CSI: Miami (oh red-headed step child of CBS that is David Caruso, how much do I hate you?...We have, in the past recorded this show...I'm not sure if we will this year.)
Tuesdays are pretty tame with the only show worth watching (maybe) of NCIS at 7.
Wednesdays see the return of Criminal Minds (also, watch this show) at 8 and CSI: New York at 9.
Thursdays are a hit with Survivor: China at 7, CSI at 8, and Without a Trace (apparently it didn't do so well on Sunday nights).
Fridays have the new show, Moonlight (about a guy that just won't die), at 8 and Numbers returning in the 9 o'clock timeslot.
The Amazing Race will return mid-season, but no word yet on if it will air on Sundays (boo) or in the Survivor timeslot in the off season (yay!).

Our recording schedule will look something like this:
Sunday: Fox Line Up (7-9)
Monday: Chuck (NBC: 7), Heroes (NBC: 8), Journeyman (NBC: 9), CBS Line Up (7-10)
Tuesday: New Amsterdam (Fox: 7), Beauty and the Geek (CW: 8), House (Fox: 8)
Wednesday: Back to You (Fox: 7), Criminal Minds (CBS: 8), CSI: NY (CBS: 9)
Thursday: Survivor (CBS: 7), CSI (CBS: 8), The Office (NBC: 8), Kitchen Nightmares (Fox: 8)
Friday: Moonlight (CBS: 8), Numbers (CBS: 9)

Yes, I watch entirely too much TV...but as I said, it's all recorded, so it's more like I just don't do any housework...Yay for living in slovenly filth!


Ross said...

Okay, so what's your bet for which show will be the new Heroes for this season? As a side bet, do you think this season of Heroes will be as good as last?

Jon said...

Stupid more funny!

katina said...

By "New Heroes" I'm guessing you're meaning "which show will do awesome despite the fact that it's got an odd premise" in that case, I'm probably going to have to go with "New Amsterdam" Which of course is going to be dependent on if it's got good actors and a good plot...which we won't know until it airs (damn). And as far as "Heroes" goes I hope it's as good as last...Tim Kring claims he's plotted out where the show is going to go for about 5 seasons...which, is pretty much, if you think about it, how Rowling did Harry Potter and I think the 7th book was just about as good as the 1st...though it did take a lot longer to get the point...which is where Heroes will have it's downfall--they'll get so concerned about filling in back story that nothing really happens...they need to avoid that.

Ross said...

Sorry, my question was a little vague there, but you guessed my intent exactly. Yeah, New Amsterdam sounds a lot like Highlander to me, and that movie had a huge following over the years. Like you say, totally dependent on execution, but hopefully they will pull it off. I'm sort of leaning towards Journeyman, despite the Early Edition leanings, it sounds like it might be interesting.

Hadn't heard that about Kring plotting out the next five seasons, that's actually rather reassuring. Gotta agree with you on the flashbacks, it was necessary for Season 1, I can see that, but Season 2 should advance the plot on its own. Lost sort of fell into that trap a bit, though they seem to be changing that. I hope Kring has an exit strategy, so if ratings ever slip he car wrap the story up in a somewhat satisfying way (though I guess they could just put out a comic or something).