Sunday, July 22, 2007

I feel like SUCH A DORK!

I went out shopping for Nathan and Christina's baby today. And I got some clothes. I got a set of pants, and I got some onesies (from different stores), along with other stuff.

I bought the onesies to go with the pants. And, because I am a dork, I bought "Newborn" size pants, and "0-3" size onesies. Now then, I know most of you that read this blog haven't had children (nor have I for that matter). But, I am here to tell you that Newborn is not the same size as 0-3. Nor do 0-3 size clothes necessarily fit wee-babies. That is, even though the size thingy says 0-3 months, what they really mean to say is "if the baby weighs less than 8 pounds at birth, you'll be waiting about 2-3 weeks before they'll fit into these clothes."

Yeah, apparently babies lose weight right after they are born and it takes approximately 2 weeks until they are at "birth weight". Who knew?

But anyhow, this pretty much means that if it were up to me to clothe this kid, it would be topless for the first 2-3 weeks of life and then bottomless for the next couple months. Aside from the fact that the baby is going to be born at the beginning of August. It probably doesn't even NEED pants for the first 2 weeks. Damn.

[Aside]: At least I try. Shawn claims that if we ever have kids, he will go out and buy some fabric for like $1.99 a yard and then go and make the kid clothes. Of course, the "making the kid clothes" really means cut out squares, hem, make head hole, hem, put on baby, tie shoelace under arms. You can probably get at least 3 outfits per yard using this technique. He refers to these clothes as "Jesus wear". Be glad I didn't let him make any of these tunics for the baby. [/Aside]

So, WeeBaby: I'm sorry your aunt is such a dork. I promise I'll try to get my shit together. With any luck, the stuff we got you will be there before you're born.


Jon said...

I recall Shawn wearing "Jesuswear" to school, one day...

Anonymous said...

jesuswear... funny kid. omg you're going to be an aunt...that's crazy talk.