Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter 5 (the movie)

God how I love these kids. I really, really do. Plus, it's got Gary Oldman, and he's just awesome. Obviously they cut out a bunch of filler. Unfortunately, some of it was filler that I think they needed. For example, in the movie Cho and Harry stop dating because she rats out the group to Umbridge. I don't remember this happening in the book...I thought it was one of the girls that was friends with Malfoy that ratted them out. Also, the movie needed more Kreacher...I don't think they adequately set up what's to happen in the 6th and 7th books (but once again, I get the 5th and 6th confused, so maybe the event I'm thinking of happened at the beginning of the 6th book). Speaking of which, since they didn't set up the SPEW club in the 4th book (a club for the betterment and freedom of house elves), they're going to have to change what happens in the 7th book slightly (though this will have no effect on the over all outcome).

The biggest let down for movie 6: No more Gary Oldman.
The best thing about movie 6: Tons more Alan Rickman. At least there should be. And if there isn't, I'm going to cry.

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