Thursday, July 12, 2007

What we talk about while drinking Beer

Conversations with my coworkers this evening at Happy Hour:
-What you will find doing field work (uh...personal massagers for women)
-What type of underwear the sorority intern was wearing today (g-string)
-The fact that Johnny can't say "Breast Pump". Okay, he can, but you have to give him 4 beers first.
-That Colleen asked our other intern if he knew the guy that went and chopped his girlfriend to bits then barbequed her (and this is the girl that gets upset when I tell her my cat killed a mouse). 1--what did she want the intern to answer? "Oh yeah! he was my best friend!" and 2--Matt pointed out that this may speak more to what Colleen thinks our intern is like than anything...well, to be fair, the intern is pretty quiet.
-And finally. The fact that someone took down Matt's Texas Road map. Of course he's not upset that it was replaced with another state's road map, he's just upset that he doesn't have his original Texas road map....Never fear, he went to the Chevron and got a new one.


Jon said...

Preast bump...Best prump...Beast rump...uh, well, gimme another beer.

katina said...

The funny thing is that he gets his lips all pursed like he's about to say it, but just can't. So then I get a look on my face like 'oh, right, I get it.' thinking of course, that he's having a problem saying "personal massager" or something like that. and he says "yeah, about the worse thing you can think of." and then Pam (who apparently knows me better than Johnny) immediately says "NO! Not THAT. He can't say 'Breast Pump'"