Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bike Ride

Today Shawn and I rode our bikes to the McDonald's for dinner.

Yes, I do realize how funny that sounds. Also, I had a salad, with light balsamic vinaigrette. And of course, the whole reason for going to McDonald's? well, 2 reasons--1) to get points on our May Commuter Challenge which we have been sucking at, and 2) to use the buy one get one free fruit smoothie coupon.

The quickest route to the McDonald's is to go along the busy highway-esque type road (McDo's is about 1 mile away), but because that seems way too dangerous, we decided to go through our neighborhood, under the highway, and then up the non-busy road to the McDonald's. And then back again. All in all the trip was 5.5 miles. Nothing at all like Grinder's 100-mile rides he does frequently.

We are so pitiful.


Jon said...

doubt it will take you a full to recover from this, like it does for me with the 100-milers...

Jon said...

Week...full week. (Damn, I need to start proofreading!)