Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Humble Indie Bundle

I heard it first via Wil Wheaton on Twitter. I think Shawn was a little surprised and disappointed when I already knew about it.

"it" is the Humble Indie Bundle.

The bundle is basically 5 games and a short that are "pay what you want." I think they made $1M in the first day or something like that.

Anyhow, we got them (yes, we did pay for them). Shawn's played them more than I have, but World of Goo did entertain me for a while (it's like an engineer's worst nightmare--building trusses with a gooey mass instead of solid bars). I haven't played the other actual games, yet. This is probably because the other games don't necessarily appeal to me--I'm not big into first person shooter games, or really any games where you have to beat a heavy. I'm into games where I solve puzzles. You know, like Myst, Phantasmagoria, and Mystery Case Files. As such, I was obviously most taken with the short game: Samorost 2. The basic concept is that you have to go around and solve various puzzles in order to save the main character's dog, who was dognapped by aliens. It's really quite fun, and challenging, and a lot of times there's some clicking on things just to see what they do as they alternately do things to look pretty (like plants waving in the wind), or sometimes they actually do something useful (like using a plant to wake up an animal).

Anyhow, yes, the Humble Indie Bundle. Check it out.

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