Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I really need to stop watching documentaries because they make me sad about the state of the world (heck, even Idiocracy made me sad about the future of the world).

Recently the ones we've been watching have revolved around the big guy picking on the little guy; and with a husband who is a Linux nerd, there's always a conversation about evil corporations. We just watched Food, Inc. and of course one portion of the documentary is about how many corporations there are that package our food. There aren't many. Just like there aren't many electronics corporations, or car corporations. And it's all because capitalism breeds monopolies. Not to say that all organic pasture fed stuff is 100% sustainable at the current levels of consumption of meat and dairy, but still, we can make choices to do better. Just like how we make the conscious choice to not use Microsoft or Apple products at home (though I'm sure both corporations are getting kickbacks from the technologies that we have purchased, so even though our computers don't run their OS's, we're still effectively paying them for the pleasure of not using their systems). Of course making the choice to go localvore is probably a bit more expensive at the onset than the using an Open Source OS, but in the end it might end up being healthier for us.

Also, I gotta remember to grow more spinach, less beets. And I think I'm going to need some fruit trees. Maybe for good measure we should just move off the grid and grow all of our own food...though I'd probably end up becoming vegetarian if that was the case--I just don't think I could kill my own food.

OH! and patenting seeds, and human genes is just downright wrong. How long until we start patenting having children? or every food we eat? This apple is now brought to you by Apple (insert Apple logo sticker on said apple).


Lon said...

Ouch, harsh on capitalism. Without capitalism, the companies you mention wouldn't even exist. Nor would the companies that employ most of us. You'd be safe though as you work for the biggest and most corrupt corporation of them all, the government. :)

The Spiteful Chef said...

Kitty Kat, I am so gay for you right now it's not even funny. Chris and I are building a greenhouse and rain barrels at our new place. And I'm growing or locally sourcing EVERYTHING. Except truffles, which I'll import from Italy, carbon footprint be damned. Anyway, you and Shawn will feel so healthy and glorious eating this way. Pinkie swear.

katina said...


Yes, yes, I know. But it just sucks that capitalism can be such a horrible thing sometimes. and I'm actually for capitalism, I'm against monopolies. And patents for those monopolies. I say if you are a company that makes more than $1 billion in profits a year then any patents you come out with after that point are only valid for 5 years instead of 20. And tweaking something to renew the patent? not any more!

lon said...

I'm no fan of monopolies either and am all for incentives to prevent or keep them in check. However, I have no problem with companies making billions for offering a valuable product. What I do have a problem with is our government profiting further from those companies and doing absolutely nothing to earn it.