Friday, May 14, 2010


Last night we had our first taste of grass fed beef. And it was delicious.

The local Sprouts market has their organic grass fed beef on sale for 40% off so we splurged and bought some meat that was on sale for $7.48/lb. Said meat was from Uruguay. And the corn we had with it came from like California or something. So yeah, the carbon footprint of the meal was kinda dismal.

Just makes me want to get meat from here. Or anything from here.

If you are interested in lowering the carbon footprint of your meals, go to EatWild to find grass fed dairy/eggs/meat near you.

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bond said...

We went to the Everything Jesus ranch yesterday and I'm bringing in milk (for Beachy and family), herb cheese, pepper cheese, and butter (for you and we will split some of cheese) next week.

It was a different experience! The closest to Ecuador I've ever experienced in the US. Very laid back, friendly people, no AC, inside buildings spotlessly clean, outside a little junky (as in rusty metal and run down trailers on the property), big gardens with healthier plants than mine!

You don't get to pick your food for lunch and it was a 2 and a half hour 4 course meal. Before we even got to the meal they gave us mango/avocado/ginger/raw milk smoothies. Then we took a tour and came back and they feed everyone at once.

1st course: sprout salad with chard steems in yogurt dressing served with buttered dehydrated carrot and flax cracker.
2nd course: carrot/cabbage/ginger slaw
swiss chard salad with onions/cherry tomatoes/herb cheese and balsamic vinegrette
3rd course:
Carribean seasoned chicken wings on buckwheat noodles with tomato sauce and herb cheese
4th course:
Raw chocolate fudge

I liked everything except the slaw (way too much ginger). My mother-in-law really only liked 1st course and dessert.

I'd go back.