Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Real Updates

No real updates here. Except for oh MY INLAWS ARE MOVING TO TEXAS. House is empty, and papers signed, truck, car and van are all packed, and money has been wired to Texas for the new house.

We're up here in in windy Colorado and are 45 minutes away from leaving for Texas in the moving truck (yes, we flew up here specifically to help Shawn's 'rents drive the moving truck down to their new house).

Based on how hard the moving guys worked to move some of the furniture, I'm a bit concerned that Shawn and I, and his parents aren't going to be able to move some stuff off of the truck. So, yes, that promises to be fun.


My sister in law is like 20 minutes away from having her second baby. Her due date is on Thursday of this week, but she's probably going to go into labor before that (at least I'm pretty sure she's hoping that's the case).

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The Spiteful Chef said...

Did you warn them? About how hot Texas is, I mean? And about the bugs? Coloradoans don't even know what hit them much of the time! Drive safely, as I know the winds are a bitch right now.