Tuesday, May 11, 2010


AGAIN! I was fine for a couple of years there, but apparently I'm dying.


Went to the doctor and my bloodwork came back bad.


As I said, it was fine for a while there, and then it went down.

Just the usual--high cholesterol, high triglycerides, gain weight, exercise more, eat less calories. I'd like to see the physics for that one.

What they probably should have said was eat more good calories. As in whole foods, not processed foods.

Good thing I already read In Defense of Food and have decided to get rid of all the processed crap, and in order to get Shawn to let me get grass fed beef when we do buy beef, I'm going to have to give up my daily caffeine/corn syrup habit. (though I'm still working on that...I think the easiest way will be to make him read In Defense of Food).

And I decided to up the amount of spinach I grow this next year. More spinach, less beets.

Oh yeah.

And exercise. Boo! Hiss! But I'll do it. Because I don't want to be dying. Again.


The Spiteful Chef said...

You're going to need to give me some more info, chick. You just have bad cholesterol, or is it more than that?

I admire your steps in the right food direction, btw. And I'm happy to help you think of good substitutions when you need them. Also happy to run you through a couple of personal training sessions to show you some ways to build muscle (which is how you gain weight and lose weight simultaneously in doc's eyes).

Hope you feel better soon!

Jon said...

Eat lots of canned pork brains. They are high in cholesterol, but if it kills you chances are good for zombification...

katina said...

I'm not really dying--at least no more than you are, it's just the cholesterol and triglycerides being high that they love to freak out about. What I actually need to do is find my blood results from the blood draws at work--mostly because the numbers they gave me this last time are very similar if not the EXACT same numbers of the first blood draw I ever had at this doctor's office, and I'm pretty sure the ones I had done at work were much lower.