Monday, May 31, 2010


We unloaded the inlaws' moving truck yesterday. Just the 4 of us--two senior citizens, a scrawny chicken-armed Tina and the workhorse, Shawn. It was probably in the low 90's, so thank god for small favors.

Twenty-six feet long, seven feet tall, and about eight feet wide, and absolutely packed to the gills (no, seriously, there wasn't ANY space left). And it only took about 8 hours to unload.

In other news, my sister inlaw had her baby on Saturday evening. a bouncing baby boy, weighing almost 8 lbs. This is good because a few nights ago I had a dream that the baby was a girl and I was not looking forward to returning all the clothes I bought. I can't wait to see some pictures. ;)

Shawn and I also went to our friends' wedding on Saturday. Can I just take a moment to tell everyone how glad I am that it's a three day weekend?

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