Tuesday, November 06, 2007

About TV...Again.

Heroes has finally gotten good. Of course, if you haven't been watching the season up til this point, then you will think the last episode was quite possibly very bad. But, as I said, to us fanboys, it's finally good.

Also, Chuck was way better last night than the week before. Though I am sad that they're getting him a new girlfriend. But as we all know, Chuck is all about the Adam Baldwin.

I'm not looking forward to the hard times of the writer's strike. Mostly because this will probably be the demise of the new shows that haven't been given a whole season. Like Journeyman and Moonlight. Also, I am surprised that Big Bang was given a full season, but as Pam says, there's been a major lack of good sitcoms the past few years so any sitcom that's decent and gets a full season order is a good thing.

However, I am looking forward to this thursday's CSI/Without a Trace cross over.

AND I drove my car on 620 today during rush hour. Go me. Also, I have become quite the little bus-taker. I've even gotten to the point where I've forgone going to the bus stop with Colleen in the morning because that bus stop is further away and it requires a bus change. Stupid transfers. Capmetro really needs to get a bus that goes to both the Northwest Park 'n Ride, Pavilion Park 'n Ride, AND just south of the river. Hell, I'd be happy if it dropped us off just north of the river.


Ross said...

Gotta agree with you on Heroes, finally something happened! And we actually learn a few things, though the reveal for Adam Monroe was way obvious.

Haven't seen Chuck, but I'm looking forward to it now.

Good job on the driving in rush hour traffic on 620, I hate driving in that kind of traffic even in my automatic!

Matty said...

Ah yes... Im quite excited about the "Without a CSI" crossover. I was talking about this to someone the other day and they said "Well, arent those two shows pretty much the same thing!?"... an overview of my answer consisted of "No no no no no... well yes."

Despite the fact that Im only hooked on Cold Case because the theme song is one by ES Posthumous... i still like it though. Right?

Anonymous said...

We're watching the crossover without a trace CSI right now... we've been bouncing so I have no clue what's really happening but that doesn't matter... mom keeps falling asleep so she's more lost than me :)