Friday, November 16, 2007

Tombstones and Owies

So, my wonderful sister found a website the other day. It is a website in which someone has gone to these small towns in the Ohio/Indiana area and taken pictures of the tombstones in the cemeteries. This, of course, is supposed to help you know birth and death dates of your ancestors.

It is also morbid.

So now, Dani and I want to go on a road trip in the Ohio region to find this one cemetery that apparently has half of the Fouts Family Ancestors buried there.

This. Is also morbid.

On a lighter note:
The cats have this wonderful habit of walking across the laptop keyboard when they want to go from one side of the couch to the other side of the couch. This is because they apparently want to touch Shawn as little as possible. Shawn has gotten into the habit of if a cat starts acting like they're going to go for the keyboard he just shuts the laptop and then the cats just walk over the laptop. This usually works pretty well.

Until two nights ago.

Quazi went for the keyboard as he is wont. And then Shawn closed the laptop most of the way as Quazi's paw was on the edge of the keyboard and Shawn obviously didn't want to slam the top of the laptop on his paw. (It is noted that usually when this happens, Quazi and IV will both back off of the lap top to get their paws out of the way and so Shawn can close the laptop) For whatever reason, Quazi did not back off. Instead he went and put his OTHER paw on top of the semi-closed laptop and put his weight on it. Needless to say we had a very angry cat with a very sore paw.

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Anonymous said...

My poor little grand nephew kitty... what a curel world this is when you can't even trust your paw between a laptop.
I don't think the site or our interestin in looking at the graveyard is morbid.... now if they were 'fresh' bodies in the graves then maybe it would be.