Saturday, November 03, 2007


My mother-in-law called yesterday to ask if we had come to a decision on whether we were coming back for Thanksgiving.

We still haven't decided. That's right, it's less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and we have not yet made a decision.

Mostly because I dislike flying in the first place, and I HATE going to the airport when it's super busy (gee, must have been all those times Mom had me drive to the airport to pick up Dad when he was coming in around Thanksgiving and Christmas). Plus, we have not bought plane, lets see what current prices are for flying back shall we?
Frontier: $310 round-trip for redeye flights,
United: $370 round-trip for redeye flights,
Southwest: $360 round-trip for redeye flights.

So, because of all this, I want to drive back instead of fly. But then, that's a 16-18 hour trip (each direction) which eats up one day at least at either we'd probably have to take off a couple days from work (which Shawn doesn't want to do). [Aside] Funny thing though, when I was checking prices I was thinking "psh, why would I look at prices for Thanksgiving day itself when I can just take off a day or two from work and go back home early?" Thus I looked at prices for the 20th til the 24th...So, looks like he'd have to take time off of work anyhow. [/Aside]

And, above all this, I cannot leave before 430pm on the 19th, and we must be back by 430pm on the 26th (all this so I can get my 4 hours of administrative leave for going to every PE walk/run class).

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Jon said...

I'm flying to Tennessee for Christmas. I have never dreaded anything so much as the prospect of Xmas-time aeronautics.