Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's like I've been dead for a week

Or maybe longer.

Yes, we've been back in Texas since Sunday night and yet I have not had the time to blog. In fact, I should be doing things like cleaning the house (or rather keeping it clean since we cleaned before we left), or doing dishes, or watching episodes of Moonlight (yes, I am addicted, we shall not speak of this anymore), or hell, making myself something to eat (thank God for frozen corn dogs).

Observations over the last week:

-Thanksgiving is fun. Even if you do have to drive 15 hours to get to family.
-Camping is fun. Especially when it's not cold and you get to see Armadillos and Wild Turkeys.
-Driving across Texas is kinda boring. But there are bright spots, like all the dead deer. And seeing very Texan animals like Emus and Alpacas.
-I think Hitman was a good movie. But then, I also like Lake Placid. In any case, I think we can all agree that it was better than The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.
-Meeting your niece for the first time is wonderful. Made even better by the fact that she didn't scream when I picked her up. That is because I really am That Good with babies. Or it may have been because she was watching football on the TV.
-Stopping every 20 miles when you're driving through Colorado because your windshield fluid has frozen in the windshield wipers and you have to rub down the windshield with snow so you can clean it off enough to drive another 20 miles.
-Thanking the nice man who sprays your windshield with Windex because he feels sorry for you. And then realizing that your sprayers have finally become de-iced.
-It sucks that the Fit isn't a 6 speed. Man, think about it, you could get like 3 mpg better on the highway.
-The Fit gets pretty good gas mileage. We averaged probably about 34. Though there was the one time we apparently got 46. But we think the gas pump gave us more than it said it did.
-Coming home to snuggly-butted cats.
-Man, you really do learn to appreciate cruise control across those Texas plains.
-Finding out that your mother-in-law is a Speedy McSpeedersons and that's why they do the Texas/Colorado drive in 13 hours.
-Doing a six mile hike in like 1.5-2 hours. Through the desert. With 1.25 liters of water. For 2 people. Oh, and it's pretty hot (like maybe 75 degrees), especially for November.
-Hiking in the dark through brush up to your waist with a 20lb backpack following a 'trail' that may have just been a low spot on the ground. And then, when you finally decide to just set up camp, realizing that you have nowhere to set up the tent except the middle of a dried creek bed. Yeah, that makes me feel safe.
-Spending time with friends you don't get to see often enough is wonderful.
-Reading the Golden Compass in preparation for the movie release is fun. I like the book. Now, will I like the movie?
-Getting a 3-month subscription to Ancestry.com from your Dad as an early Christmas Gift is sweet. Even if he does mandate that this means you and your sister have to spend all your free time working on the tree to get the most out of the subscription.
-Speaking of family trees, I love going through old photos of family. I especially like finding the funny photos--you know the ones. The ones where your parents are sitting together wearing matching sweaters they got for Christmas. Yeah. That photo was awesome. However, since I teased Bob and Elsie about it so much, I'm sure that Shawn and I will end up with matching sweaters for Christmas. I would post a photo, but I like my life and I don't want it to end prematurely by posting said photo on the interwebs for all to see.
-AND I finally started driving my Fit to work. So far, so good.

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