Monday, November 12, 2007

Dear Capital One,

If you like your customers, and I'm sure you do, then I suggest the following improvements to your organization:
  1. Do not send an email to the people that have recently gotten a loan from you stating "If you do not sign up for automatic payments through our website RIGHT NOW you will DIE. And there will be DOOM. And the world will come to an end and will will point our fingers and stare at you" when you have not yet sent them a letter telling them the important information needed (account number, monthly payment) to set up their online payments.
  2. If you have already sent out said letter with the pertinent information, make sure that your website will allow them to set up said automatic payments as soon as they get the letter. As of right now we are unable to set up automatic payments because the website says that our loan does not exist. We, however, know it is because the system has not yet been updated with the all so important information of "these people got a loan, they should start making payments soon"
Thank you for your consideration.

Love much,

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