Saturday, November 10, 2007


Okay, so people leave comments on my blog (and if you don't, you damn well better--how else am I supposed to know who reads my blog?). Anyhow, people leave comments, and occasionally they will ask questions or ask for clarification and what have you. But, I can tell you that when I post comments on other people's blogs, I normally don't go back to the comments later to see if they have indeed responded to my comments. Thus, I am going to make it easy and respond to comments left since November 1 here:

NaBloPoMo entry: Jon asked "does the Po stand for Post maybe?" And Yes, yes it does.

Planting Trees entry: Dani asked for clarification in Ross's comment of "reminds me of the waitress at Zax." On Halloween, Ross, Paul and I ate at a restaurant across the street from the office. This restaurant is "Zax" The wait staff was dressed in their Halloween finest and our waitress went as a grandmother and thus she wore glasses that were very similar to the thicker rimmed glasses in Dani's heirloom shadow box.

[Aside] Yes, Dani, please inform the paternal unit that he does indeed have both of our copies of the family tree (if I remember correctly, Grandpa made a copy for you and a copy for me, but since we were like 8 at the time, Dad said he'd hold on to them for us), ergo he needs to fill in the blanks. Also, I want to say that they are kept in the bottom drawer in the file cabinet to the right of the computer desk. I do not know why I think this. Additionally, Mom's got a letter from Grandpa Ben that gives the family tree as much as he could remember...which actually included family members born in France, Germany, and Luxembourg. I think this letter is in the same place as the family tree that grandpa made. [/Aside]

A Post NOT about TV...and the Peasants Rejoice: Jon wanted to know if the book is good. So far I like it. It does move a little slow, but that works out well because I can read a few pages here, a few pages there, and I don't get overly obsessed like I do with the fast paced books (like the Da Vinci Code). I really do like the book. Unlike Labyrinth, the Phantom of the Opera and Jane Eyre which I only finished because I had already read through 2/3 of them before I realized I thought they were boring.

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