Saturday, November 03, 2007


Yes, it's National Blog month...though I cannot for the life of me, remember what the Po stands for. Damn. Anyhow, I have not signed up for said blog-o-rama, but that that does not mean that I won't attempt to blog everyday (WARNING: This is going to get VERY boring).

Things of note at 130pm on Saturday:

- I drove to the car dealership to pick up the new license plates for the car. I had to go on the highways and everything. Sadly, the license plates do not have the 666 number associated with them. Which is kinda sad...

- And I have decided I like Daemon's TV. Especially the Death Watch portion of it. I love me some counters.

- Nostalgia moment: I remember when Independence Day came out. We went to go see it. It was the same day that there was some major electrical outage over the western half of the US (from Oregon to Colorado if I remember correctly). It totally was like the Aliens were coming. Also, the counter: I downloaded some Independence Day themed screen saver (from the official 20th Century Fox website I might add) and it basically was a counter. And it counted down. And I have no idea what it counted down to. But I do remember that when it got close to completing it's count down, my dad freaked out and deleted the thing because he swore it was going to unleash some computer virus. Which now, if you think about it, he probably should have gone with because then he could have gotten himself a new computer (of course he would have had to do things like back up all the files and disconnect it from the internet before the countdown was complete). [Aside] this moment has been brought to you by Milky Way and Coke [/Aside]


Jon said...

PO = Post?

Ross said...

Bring on the posts!

Btw, RenFest and Celtic Fest were a lot of fun. They even had border collie shepherding demonstrations at CF!