Saturday, November 17, 2007

going dark

I thought I would warn everyone...I will not be posting for a while.

"But, it's National Blog Post Month!" you may say.

And indeed it is. But I'm not going to figure out how to post to the interwebs with my tiny little cell phone.

Besides, what would I post? "Texas is Flat. Colorado is Cold." Yah, that makes for a riveting blog.

I transplanted my avocado tree with the help of Ross on Friday. Hopefully Colleen can keep it alive for a week. And I should have taken a picture, but I forgot. Damn.


dave said...

Well, parts of Texas are flat. There are also rolling praries in the middle, mountain regions out west, desert way out west, lush forests in the east, and beautiful beaches down south. But one thing is certain - Texas is not the same without you. Hope you guys have a safe trip!

Ross said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your Texas sojourn went well!