Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will this be the week?

Will this finally be the week in which I actually drive my new car to work? Everyone (and by "everyone" I mean Bond and Beachy) have said that it is time. It is time for me to drive to work so they can all bask in the gloriousness that is my car.


I don't know. I still get all freaked out with other cars around me. Maybe after our roadtrip I'll feel better about it.


I gotta say, it's been awesome taking the bus the last few weeks (okay, the getting up early part has sucked), and I've only driven 140 miles on the car and haven't had to fill it up once. So, that's like about 120 (or so) miles driven to the bus stop over the last 11 working days (I had Veteran's Day off). Which if you consider the norm is 440 over the same amount of time if I actually drive to work.


If you say that I get 34 mpg, that means I've gone through about 4 gallons (we'll round it up to 5 since I am sure as hell not getting 34 mpg since I just started driving stick). That would mean it's about 13 gallons 'normally'. So I've saved about 8 gallons of gas just by taking the bus for the last 2.5 weeks. Which translates into like $25 saved.


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Ross said...

Give it a shot! Drive in at odd time just in case, but I bet you'll do great!